Thursday, 10 September 2009

Air gets no fresher than this, dear

A good workout today. I walked up Ben A'an, played tennis and had a swim. The summit of Ben A'an was a beauty. Panoramic views out over Loch Katrine and Loch Achray. The sun was out and took the chill off the fresh Scottish air. The only thing you could hear was the faint whistle of the wind against rock.

The second frame of snooker started with a bang. I was beaming with confidence and I was ahead by 8 points with only the pink and black to go. It was my turn and the pink was on. 'Sink the pink and I've won' pecked away at the back of my mind. It needed a fine cut into the middle pocket. I hit as fine as I could but it rattled the jaw and my brother was in. He snuck it home. There were two points in it - the black decided it bar any silly mistakes. It was to-and-fro with each near miss cranking the level of excitement up another notch. A cut into the far pocket was on but it needed to go in otherwise it would leave an easy bank. A musk filled the air, the tension was rife. Shit. No, it wasn't that tense, I'd missed - and my brother prodded it home with the massive cue. He exited quickly and I was left rueing my missed chances in a smelly snooker room. This needs a Rocky ending.

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