Sunday, 13 September 2009

A wee walk and a big wee, dear

Buttocks nae sore surprisingly. Went for a walk and played some tennis. Managed to go over on my ankle though stretching for what I'm sure would have been a magnificent passing shot. This is what this bath was for. Looks a bit like I was busting for a wee and cudnae quite make it so did it in the bath instead. I sort of wish It were true, because that would have been a mighty fine release. Probably 50 times the volume my bladder could hold. It's yellow because it's pumped from the Loch. They treat it but it still carries some colour. I didn't really fancy a full immersion so I just dipped my foot in.

An update on the billiards today. Made up for the lack of action in the last two days with two games - both very one-sided affairs. I got tonked in the first frame, embarrassing. I just wasn't feeling it. I just cudnae see the angles. If indeed 'The Zone' is real, I certainly wasn't in it. It had firmly placed itself over my brother. 3 ruddy 0. I needed the next one. I started well making some steady banks. Then I was snookered. I had to come off a cushion. But wait there was a red hanging over the pocket, this was pot-able, it just needed a fine touch. I came off the side and clipped it in. A real confidence booster and I carried the frame through. 3-1 on the ratio. Adrrrriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

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