Friday, 25 September 2009

15kg of berghaus

I tried my rucksack on yesterday with some make-shift weights I found around the house. A couple of water bottles, some baked beans, a Delia Smith book, a sack of spuds and The Good Pub Guide 2008, rated ‘easily the best’ by Time Out. I walked two miles with it and could certainly feel it. Delia was in there with a few Dundee cakes. It reminded me of the gym I've been thinking about joining. So this morning I went and did some weights – focusing on the legs. After the weights I swam until my face reached boiling point. There was already a guy in there and he was setting a good pace. I got some lengths under my belt and then noticed that we were crossing at the middle, hitting the edge and then turning to face each other at the same time. I'm pretty sure we were both thinking the same thing. We were now in a duel. One length I had the edge on him, springing off the wall a little before he did. Then he was ahead for a couple. I was determined to see him off before I got out. But a few minutes in, I was beginning to waver and feel a little dizzy. He just seemed to plough on at a consistent pace and he didn't even have goggles on. He looked a little possessed to be honest. Perhaps he had a hidden agenda, or maybe I’d beaten him to the buttock-clenching machine earlier, or maybe it was the chlorine. Soon enough I'd burnt up. I made sure that I'd left the changing room before he swaggered in. Next time my red-eyed torpedo.

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