Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Ooh, my lucky number

I've been shopping. No not slacking. In Crystal Maze terms, it would have been a tough mental game in the Industrial zone. 4 days in a row of slow walking that makes your knees want to buckle. Hours spent on crucial decisions - this green rucksack liner over here or that tangerine one over there. I got most of the kit but I was eventually locked out, probably for my own good as I stumbled to the bus stop void of emotion. 245 silvers. Damn.

Spoke to Morrisons, all booked up until December. My race number came through the post though and with it a description: ‘The course is challenging with three hills, but you will be rewarded with some lovely views over the Cheshire countryside.’

I went for a run. It was quite a good’un. I wore my new t-shirt as well. ‘…fast wicking, quick drying and has permanent odour protection meaning you can wear it more and wash it less.’ And it was and I will. I might buy another one and form it into a pair of pants.

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