Tuesday, 1 September 2009

First run for the Half Marathon

With the Macclesfield Half Marathon looming on the 27th September, I thought it best to find out what kind of state I was in. So, slipping on my Air Perseus's Mark-III (trainers I'd purchased a year ago for Sport Relief and not used since) I ran the 2-miler around my village. Perseus! Perse-my-ass. I had lead on my feet and my body was moving in slow motion. I thought I was in pretty good shape - I'd had an image of myself bounding through the village like a gazelle. I cycled everywhere at University. I scaled mountains on my hardy Dutch racer every day. Then I remembered. Apparently, cycling and running work similar muscle groups differently. I looked this theory up for confirmation, confirmed it and then read the following on a cyclist blog: 
'The first two runs (4k run/walk) crippled me to the point of having to walk down stairs backwards.' Hah, easy does it. 

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