Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I've had to re-register with the doctors since coming home from University so I can get my vaccinations. You probably don't want or need to know this. In fact nobody probably reads this blog, so as I'm writing this I'm actually talking to myself. I suppose I'm kind of doing it for me anyway so that I can keep a record. It could be good for you though as well as it shows that I am actually preparing for this trip to 'India' rather than using your money to go to Barbados as Dad reckons. Anyway, the urine sample. What are you meant to give them? A nice rich golden one so they'll have plenty to look at? It's very tempting to add something to it as well, I'm sure somebody must have done that - probably backfired. Right to the brim do you think? I'll answer that. Yes.

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