Sunday, 27 September 2009

Number one

1 hour 43 minutes and 43 seconds I'd held onto a no.1. I had decided there wasn't time for trivialities in the schedule - I'd just release it slowly as I ran. I crossed the line and hit the mens like a whippet. Luckily it wasn't a no.2 - the toilets were busy and couldn't flush. There was quite a pile up in there.

It was perfect weather for it - overcast with no wind. Up and down all the way but I actually enjoyed it. Mostly through the countryside, I passed farms and fields and trees, a dead pheasant and lots of cows. I felt really good - relaxed - definitely the best I've run. The last two miles were the toughest, naturally. My left calf was ready to burst. The climbing in Scotland had equipped me well for the hills though - I'd been mentally battered by the snooker cue but physically endowed by nature. I whittled down many a herd on the verticals to soar into 251st position. I won an orange t-shirt and a tiny bar of muesli.

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