Thursday, 1 October 2009


Getting close now. I thought I'd make a trip to the shops for old time's sake. And boy am I glad I did. I wouldn't have seen this guy's bomber of a jacket otherwise. This was after I'd been jabbed with Hepatitis B. I almost let it go thinking it must have been an hallucination but a second glance said otherwise. I needed photographic evidence or you wouldn't have believed me nor would it have sounded as good as it looks. I finished the trip by purchasing a small bottle of iodine, some zinc oxide tape and some blackcurrant de-diarrhoea sachets. Also, yesterday I impregnated a mosquito net with stuff that could kill a cat. (Thanks to Jo for the net)


  1. hah the bottle of permethrin's words, not mine

  2. that is definitely the wrong word to use. why not 'charge' or 'soak'.