Monday, 7 September 2009

Sweaty Coma

Had a real training session today. Came back at 9pm having left the house at 5.30pm. I'd been to Warrington. My neighbour runs a lot, really keen. She goes to a coach who often takes her and others to destinations all around so that it doesn't get boring. He doesn't even charge for it. Or if he does it's 50p. I'd say he was around 60 and could talk about running all day. He lives and breathes it. And loves it.
He gave me a few tips for my run in 20 days time. A very knowledgeable and kind man I thought as we pulled up at our destination. This was until we were out the car and he had his whistle to his mouth. We did 4 bursts of 3 minutes running, then 4 bursts of 2 minutes running, then some sprints to loosen down. Then another run. I had to run through a couple of stitches but felt pretty good after it. He's from the West Country and all I could think of was Justin Lee Collins and his tv shows where he tries to master something, such as high diving or wrestling. This one of course would be 'Justin Lee Collins: Half-Marathon Runner'. All except of course that I was doing the running.

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